martedì 21 febbraio 2012

frigur' e mente... corpus immaculada

Frigur’ e mente..corpus immaculada

De Venere s’immagine ses tue
dea de sa bellesa  incantadora,
sas  frommas  tuas giompen a ‘ue
nues  e  bentos nde faghen  dimora.
Sos  chi ti braman  abbaidan a cue
chena mover sos ojos tota s’ora,
tota sa zente nde restat incantada
de una bellesa  ida e no toccada.

Chena cunfines e chena tempus zertu
est sa bellesa chi  natura t' at dadu,
a tie dea   t'at  fatu   pro inzertu
chie t'at post' in terra et inventadu.
In grascia manna e chin su cor' abbertu
su casu singulare  t' at donadu,
chi onz' essere vivente  in passizada
t' abbaidet a sa cua, sa caminada.

Totu torran  in pagh’ e armonia
sos sentimentos  chi  moven  sa mente,
nde faghen cantu  e bella poesia
de sa natura menzus ispediente.
Passas lezera   e s’abberit sa via
pro intrar’ in su coro de sa zente,
ses  cuss’ incantu dae tot’ isetada
frigur  ‘e mente , corpus immaculada.

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  1. Picture of the mind ... immaculate body

    Are the image of Venus
    Goddess of beauty enchanted
    Your appearance is where
    The clouds and winds dwell
    Those who wish to observe you
    Without moving his eyes all the time
    All the people remains enchanted
    The beauty seen but not touched
    Everything back in peace and harmony
    The feelings that stir the mind
    They sing in a beautiful poem
    The best trick of nature
    You light steps and opens the way
    That leads into the heart of the people
    Are you THAT 'charm coveted by all
    Picture of the mind, body immaculate